Custom Bound Archtop Pickguards

Have you seen the prices being charged for bound custom archtop pickguards? $200, $250 and even over $300! Why? Solid 1/8" Nitro-celluloid plastic is extremely expensive and the process is very labor intensive.

Pickguardian has come up with new material that laminates thinner sheets of real nitro-celluloid plastic tortoise material to an inner sheet of clear acrylic. The result is stunning! This material is semi-transparent, like solid tortoise, and has real dimension to it. Plus, the stable middle acrylic layer eliminates the usual problem of shrinking.

Our guards are hand-cut, bound and polished one at a time, which is still fairly labor-intensive, but with a lower material cost, Pickguardian can offer custom bound archtop pickguards for as little as $175.

Of course, standard Solid 1/8" Nitro-Celluloid Tortoise and other materials are available. Deluxe bound guards are available for most solidbody instruments as well.

Keep in mind that the color, darkness and pattern of modern Tortoise material can vary quite a bit. The photos shown here may not look exactly like the material we currently have in stock.

Bound guards use expensive material and are costly to make. We cannot accept returns on these projects due to the time, expense and custom-nature of them.

Since each of these guards is a custom project, please contact Pickguardian for exact project pricing.

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L-48 Pickguard Close-Up

Details like hand-mitered corners are standard.

Telecaster Custom Bound Black Guard

Dress up your Tele or other solid-body with a premium guard!

Epiphone Dot Bound Tortoise Guard

Even an inexpensive archtop guitar deserves a bound guard!

Gibson Byrdland Guard Brown Tortoise Marble 5-Ply

Gibson ES-295 Lefty Clear with Gold Graphic & Cream Lacquer


Bound Tortoise Gibson L-48 Pickguard

New laminated Tortoise material bound with 3-ply Ivoroid binding.

Bound Black Gibson ES-175 Charlie Christian Pickguard

Black material bound with thick, double-ply Ivoroid binding.

Rickenbacker 330 Tortoise with 3-Ply Binding


Gibson ES-355 Guard with 5-Ply Binding

Replace crumbling guards before they eat away metal and finish!
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