03-13 Ataris Tom HolstWow!

And that doesn’t even do justice to the workmanship and quality of the pickguard that just arrived in the mail from you. My Ric has never looked better.
I’m taking it in January 6th to have my new Bigsby B3 installed. I’ll take some pictures and forward them on to you when I get it back.

Tony, thank you – thank you – thank you!!! I’m book marking your site and definitely recommending you to everyone I know.

Jim Wicks
email: jim@thewritenotefoundation.org

I got the pickguard on Saturday like you said, and all I have to say is wow! The pickguard is amazing. It is by far much nicer than any factory replacement and it gives the guitar a miraculous appearance. I will definately recommend you to any of my friends who are looking to make their guitars so much nicer in appearance. Excellent work!!!

Eddie Charlton
email: PurpleHaze888@aol.com

This is the best craftmanship I have ever seen! It’s amazing A++++++++!!! Well worth the money! Thanks!!! I’ll come back to you for any other pickguard needs!

Coley Brown
email: captain__planet@hotmail.com

Got the guards today – they’re already on my RIC. They look beautiful, and the workmanship is superior to the white factory-issue ones. You helped me to make my “dream guitar” a reality, and I want to extend my sincere appreciation.

I will be happy to point anyone in your direction in the future. Take care and good luck.

Joe Ruiz
email: joeruiz_17@yahoo.com

Hey Tony- I got it and it looks great. Just what I’d hoped for. Nice tight fit. THANKS!

Chas Keith
email: cyberchuck@msn.com

Tom Peterson Rick 12
I received the package. Beautiful! I’m sure the pickguard is identical to what was on Lennon’s 325. Thanks again for your kindness. Great job!

Talk soon,
Tuck Hersey

email: tuck@hersey.office.ne.jp
Website: http://www.beatles.co.jp/tuck

Your pickguards arrived yesterday and I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with them. They are really great, as good or better than the originals. Thank you very much for your prompt service and quality product.

I will recommend you to anyone I come in contact with who is seeking a quality pickguard product at a very fair price with outstanding turnaround and customer service.

Take care,
Bob MacDonald
email: rbmac52@hotmail.com

Great product Pickguardian!!! I LOVE my new DeArmond M-77T pickguard. It is a great replacement for that ugly clear pickguard. What an improvement. No fuss installation! Again, great pickguard. Perfect fit!

Philip Ryan

email: toxicwastevertigo@yahoo.com

I got the pickguards today and just put them on; wow, what a difference! I’m very happy with them!

Thanks again,
Kenny Reimer

email: bluescat@bak.rr.com