Pickguardian came to life as a result of a few frustrating (and expensive) experiences customizing guitars.

I’ve always enjoyed personalizing my guitars, even with something as simple as a new pickguard. Unfortunately, I found that a lot of the “generic” guards out there needed extra trimming or, worse yet, drilling new holes in the body. And, if you want anything other than standard configurations, forget about it!

I was determined to find a better way. I started cutting my own guards using the original guards from my guitars as templates. The result…perfect fitting pickguards that need no trimming or drilling.

The process is perfectly quick and painless:
1) You send me your guard.
2) I duplicate it in your choice of plastic.
3) I return both guards to you.

We can usually turn around most work in about a week. We can also work from your designs and pickup configurations. Just about anything is possible, but custom handwork costs a little more.

Pricing is based on size, complexity and plastic. Small guards on plain plastic are the least expensive. Large guards on pearloid or tortoise (my favorites) are the most expensive. Please email me for an exact quote.


Tony Dudzik

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