GibsonL-48 PickguardianArchtop and Jazz guitars are truly beautiful instruments. Unfortunately celluloid guards deteriorate over time and can cause permanent damage to metal parts and finish as they “gas off”.

Pickguardian bound guards are hand-cut, bound and polished one at a time, which is very labor-intensive, but with lower material cost options, Pickguardian offers custom bound archtop pickguards starting at under $200.

You might wonder why replacement bound custom archtop pickguards are so costly. Solid 1/8″ celluloid nitrate plastic is hard to find and expensive. The process is very time-consuming and labor intensive.

Brown Marble Tortoise acrylic is a less expensive option that works well on many instruments. Of course, solid 1/8″ Nitro-Celluloid Tortoise in a few different shades and other materials are available. Deluxe bound guards are also available for most solid body instruments.

Keep in mind that the color, darkness and pattern of modern Tortoise material can vary quite a bit. The photos shown here may not look exactly like the material we currently have in stock.

Since each of these guards is a custom project, please contact Pickguardian for exact project pricing and material options.

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