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Reverend Mercalli 5 Bass

Pickguardian » Reverend Mercalli 5 Bass

Reverend Mercalli 5 Bass


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This guard will fit most Reverend® Mercalli 5-string basses with a Musicman®-style split neck pickup and controls on the guard. Available in standard replacement materials or give your Reverend a totally Gretsch® look with a Vintage-Gretsch® Style Clear guard with painted back. Hand-polished edges on acrylic material. All Reverend Modern Models require sending your original guard in for duplication.


These parts are made by Pickguardian and are not to be represented as products of Reverend®.
Reverend® is a registered trademark of Reverend Musical Instruments.
Gretsch® is a registered trademark of Fred Gretsch Enterprises.
Musicman® is a registered trademark of Ernie Ball Music Man.


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