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Rickenbacker 325v59 Guitar Guard Set

Pickguardian » Rickenbacker 325v59 Guitar Guard Set

Rickenbacker 325v59 Guitar Guard Set


To fit most modern (80’s & up) Rickenbacker® 325v59 vintage reissue guitars. Available with flush, beveled or rounded-over edges; right or left handed.

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This Rickenbacker® 325v59 guard set will fit most two-piece, mid-80’s to current 325 vintage reissue guitars with 21 frets. Many reissues use a different template and require the guard or a tracing. Hand-polished edges on acrylic material. Guitars prior to the mid-90’s and left-handed guards usually require guard or a tracing. Click here for a template: 80s Rick 325V59 RI Guard .

Most factory Rickenbacker guards have flush edges. Beveled or rounded-over edges are available as an option. The default Gold on this set is 50’s Brassy Gold. Other shades are available by request.

These parts are made by Pickguardian and are not to be represented as products of Rickenbacker®.
Rickenbacker® is a registered trademark of Rickenbacker International Corp.



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